Karlie’s Page


I’m Karlie. I graduated from Nipissing in 2013 but wasn’t able to give up my love of education and learning and have been a returning student ever since. While at Nipissing I was one of the executive members of the Women’s Center, and occasional member of a few other social justice related groups on campus. My continuing studies led me to Sal’s “Animal Rights” course, and catapulted my interest in social welfare and ethics in yet another direction. I am a full time vegetarian nowadays with aspirations of a fair trade wardrobe, minimalist lifestyle, and locally grown fruits and veggies. I have a ukelele named Hina the four-stringed, non-threatening Gutplucker. If you’re ever awake at 5am I’m always up for a good Studio Ghibli or Lars Von Trier filmfest, or a till-dawn discussion. I don’t want kids but I’ll borrow yours for an excuse to play on a jungle gym, or go trick or treating. Most of my friends would probably describe me as very extroverted, but this is mostly because I hang out with a crowd of nearly entirely introverted hermits and seem so in comparison. I’m 22 and live in the small, but beautiful, city of North Bay on the shores of Lake Nipissing in Northern Ontario with my significant other of six years, Daniel, and my five year old epileptic cat Tao (his name most certainly does not suit him). I love to write as a personal hobby, mainly non-fiction and technical writing, on a variety of topics such as literature, politics, philosophy, and anything which is both interesting and theoretical. I love to draw and read – my favourite artists are Jean Paul Sartre, Neil Gaiman, Marina Abramović, Weja, Eden Robinson, and Margaret Atwood.

In the past I have volunteered and worked in a variety of positions. I worked at Kumon Learning Center tutoring children, some with learning and developmental disabilities, and volunteered for years at the North-East Mental Health Care Center on the Geriatric and Rehabilitation wards. In the future I hope to work in rehabilitation sciences or conservation and natural resources – I would find either to be extremely fulfilling. I think regardless of where I end up Kadoorie will be an enriching, challenging, and meaningful experience. Although I have not worked in a conservation job I feel my adaptability and work ethic will be helpful to the team at Kadoorie, and the SPCA in Hong Kong, and I only hope to give as much as I can to their extremely worthwhile efforts. I know that I will learn more in this international real-life context than any book or classroom could teach me and I am grateful to Nipissing University, Kadoorie, and Sal and Karen for giving me such a great opportunity.

This is Tao!