Zack’s Page


Hello, my name is Zack Langille and I am a 3rd year student at Nipissing University, majoring in biology, taking a minor in French and am also enrolled in the orientation to teaching program. Enriching my educational experience through a field course in Hong Kong was an opportunity I had to take advantage of. Especially because this course is right up my alley in terms of what I would one day consider as a real career. I originally came to Nipissing University with the dream goal of one day owning a zoo. I have, however already come to realize that zoos are not the best of places. Though, they still remain somewhat controversial for me, I am now considering conservation or sustainability management in some way shape or form.

It is my hope that this course will give me a great experience to help guide me in future career choices as I do know I would like to work with animals and preferably stay in the sciences.  When Sal mentioned this course to me I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to take part in. I knew I would be challenged with new concepts and perspectives of looking at the ethics and legalities involved in animal trafficking and the pet industry. The course will also look at power relations and justice in these areas and provide me with an amazing opportunity for practical experience in a completely different culture and language.  I will be doing rotations with the SPCA in Hong Kong, work in the mule section, a live educational display and work with the wild animal rescue center at the Kadoorie Botanical Gardens and Farms.  This opportunity will give me hands on perspective of global issues in animal trade, rehabilitation and rescue which will compliment  my biology courses at Nipissing that are primarily theoretical lecture based.

I am also thrilled to be able to travel, study and work with other like-minded individuals including my professor Sal Renshaw.  I also hope that this trip will help me build new connections and make lasting contacts with similar people across the world.